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Smells Like Home

Merry Christmas guys ♡
Finally this day, waited every year so long, arrived!
Now here is night, one step closer from 26th, one step from dinner. And I'm here, on my armchair in front of my sparkly tree thinkin' about what was this day for me.

First of all, when I think about Christmas it's obvious that comes to mind the tree. 
Every year this ritual: go down into the cellar to get that box on which there are now 30cm powder. And you have to spend the entire morning adorning the fir in the best way, promising yourself that you'll change something, that "it will be different from last year!" 😼

...aaaand no.
It'll look like exactly as every time. 😂
But that's it should be, and it's a tradition, and we accept it.
Anyway, this year I felt Christmas less that other years, maybe because today we were six sitted around the table and not seven, but that's another topic.

If I have to say something funny, I would say that under my tree I never imagined to found 7 kilograms of Nutella. And the best part of all of this is that I don't like Nutella!
Anyway, this year this day was a little crazy, but I liked it. My boyfriend gave me a cute silver bracelet with a pretty bell, and I'm thinking to do a lookbook with it.

This morning I get a call from a person, about a project, and I really hope to talk you about it, but for now, I say no more!
♡ Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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Blending Stars

Hello there! ♡
Today I wanna show you my burgundy makeup. It's quietly simple, so you can do it easily.

Here you are all the products I used:
MAC eyeshadow that my best friend gave me, and I tried it today.
If you wanna know more, or buy it, click here!
I really love this kit, I don't have to say something, everyone of us knows why MAC is so amazing!

WYCON Cosmetics Multidimensional Mascara
Okay, soon I'll write an entire post about this.
Wycon Cosmetics sent me this kit, for the new Christmas collection Snow Diva, and this Mascara is one of the best things in the world. I really liked it, and I'm pretty sure that if you try it, you'll never change. ♡
Anyway you can buy it here, and together you'll receive the new pointball eyeliner!
•KIKO lipstick Velvet Passion n.319 (Chocolate)
I've already talked about this lipstick, if you didn't read it, here you are the post
And the link for the instant buy.
♡ Sooo, I hope you liked it, and that's how I worked with eyeshadows:
I used the number 1 (Pappyseed) on the whole of the upper eyelid blending it wit the number 3 (Sketch), adding some 4 (Embark) where I wanted more dark, in the crease.
In the end, I used number 3 (Star Violet) where 1 and 3 met, that's shimmer and a light point.
Ending with a black cat eyeliner, write you soon, 
Mitchie Anemos. ♡

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Creamy cloud

 What's better than a warm sweater? An hot hug that walks with you all the day.

♡ Good evening souls. How are you?
Today I'm here to show two of my faves from my collection of sweaters. Initially I wanted to make an haul, but there's really too much to show.

Soooo,  here you are the first. It's from H&M, and I bought it exactly one year ago.
It's so soft and comfy, and with its baby light blue is perfect, super cute and pretty.
I paid for it less than 20€, money well spent.

The collar is one of my favorite thing about this sweater. Ermined of two layers of fabric, is so so so soft and looks so cute. I really enjoyed this choice. ♡
The only bad thing, is just the material. This fabric lacks, and usually you have to put some wire inside.
And here you are the second overture: a fluffy creamy sweater! 

I saw some famous shops, and this year fluffy things as pillows and fluffy clothes like hoodies, skirts and coats goes a lot.
This one is from Pimkie, but I saw that is no longer available. 🙁
 This one is longer than the other, here you have some pictures.

 Just to don't leave you without references, I searched for something similiar, and I found these cute sweaters that is worth watching:

What do you think about? Are you fluffy addict too?
Tell me more leaving a comment below!

♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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i waited for you

Hello everyone ♡ How are you?
Today I wanna talk about ASOS, a website through which you can buy a lot of super cute things signed ASOS and other famous brands.
For exemple, this is my new backpack I bought on this site. ♡

It s by DCShoes, and I saw it a log time ago. It's the grind one, so with two holders for the frames of the skateboard.
The inside is so large and wide, with the special space for a pc, pens holder and two spaces for water bottles or others.

Usually the price of this backpack is between 60€ and 70€, and on ASOS I paid it 35€! Super offer! ♡
The ASOS service was absolutely amazing. ♡ I contacted the assistence a lot of time to ask something more, and they replied me back after two days, quietly speedy. And absolutely complete because it's not automatic assistence: behind the screen there's a real person that understand the problem.

For the shipping, it's free over 24€, so I didn't paid anything. And the backpack comes in 7 days!

And you?  Have you ever buy anything from ASOS? If yes, what?
Tell me with a comment below!
♡Love, Mitchie Anemos,

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Travel Fever

Don't worry, don't worry: I'm alive! 😷
These days I was away, and for this reason I didn't write anything here on the blog. But now I'm back!
Some days ago I left, and I went in the northen Italy, in particularly near Milan. 
I stayed there three long days, and wow, the temperature was really low, something between -2° and 0°, constantly. 😰 
For this reason I got sick: cough, fever, sore throat, headache. Yes, I was in pieces, as I'm now, because nothing changed yet. 😔
But when I went in Milan I took some pictures and I wanted to share with you!

Because of the cause described above, I spend so much time in the hotel, and I didn't see much. 
But in spring I'll go back in this huge and pretty city, and I can't wait to write more and better about Milan! (and do more shopping......)
♡Love, Mitchie Anemos.

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Shades of autumn

Hello there! ♡ How are you?
Today I wanna talk about make-up, and this period I'm using a lot lipsticks: I think that they are the perfect accessory if you wanna look elegant or more feminine. 
So I thought I collect my favorite colors of this season to make a collection, to show you and suggest you some ideas to get inspired. ♡

When I think to autumn I imagine dry leaves, red, brown and orange all around, and hot 'n' cold alternated. So I took that colors that reminds me these landscapes. 

♡ The lighters  
The first color I shown you is the Kiko Shine Lust no.11: a gloss super pretty, soft and gentle. It's not a long lasting, so it goes away easly. But you can always carry it with you.
In the fifth place we have the Essence Long Lasting no.06: this one is not a gloss, but the classic lipstick, not matte not glossy. I like it for its nude color, and also the texture is great. I use to wear it with a veil of powder on.

♡ Mediums 
In this category I put all these colors that you can wear if you wanna focus on your lips. In fact, we have the most colorful. They are everyone from Kiko, and some of them are news, from the new collection (that I love!!!)
Matte Muse no.02: is cute in its packaging, looking like a nail polish. The color is super pigmented, and this shade remind me of stawberries. Stays a lot!
Velvet Passions: I got two of this line. They are great, but I think that the darkest is difficult to put on. The textures are okay, lightly metallized.
Long Lastings Unlimited Stylo no.02: This. Is. Certainly. My. Favorite. I love this color, it's super matte and is a super super super long lasting. You can eat, drink, wash your teeth, and it stays. PLEASE TRY IT!
Double Touch no.103: This one is a lip tint, and for this reason it's a long lasting too. And you can have problems to take it off... BUT the great is the matte texture and the 'built-gloss', so you can choose!
Gossamer Emotion no.105: New collection, new surprise. It's one of the colors that I'm very very happy to wear. it makes you feel great. This shade is a mix between red-orange-brown, I don't know. But you have to try! Great endurance.

♡ The Darkest 
The last two: the NYX Lingerie in Teddy and the Kiko Velvet Passion no.319.
We already talked about this Kiko line, so let's talk about NYX.
NYX has become famous for the Lingeries, and I didn't understand why 'till I bought one. Teddy is a great brown, pigmented, matte, and comfy. It stays, but it spreads everywhere. So you have to put it on frequently. But I like it, and I think I will buy more colors.

And what's your favorite? Suggest me one! ♡
This is the eye-make up that I use with these colors!

♡ Love, Mitchie Anemos. 

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Art spirit

I'm back kids! ♡
Yes, kids. Because today I'm gonna show you something that reminds me of when I was young, when I was a little girl, and I used to wear cute socks, with laces or others.
As I already wrote, I'm an art student, and I read a lot about great artist and I loved them. One of my favorites is Van Gogh, and how not to love the famous Starry Night?
I searched the internet something about it and I came across HotSox website.

What's HotSox?
Hotsox is the original fashion socks brand that specializes in unique blends of pop-culture and art. You can find classic patterns like Mona Lisa, Starry Night and The Scream, and lastest fashion, crazy designs or unique dress socks.

I got this kind in the classic blue and the Birth Of Venus in lilac. I usually use to wear them with this pair of black jeans, and the classic Dr Martens model 1461.
The price is $8.00 for the Women's size and $12.00 for the Men's size.
What do you think about them? Aren't they special? ♡
Write me below if you got some HotSox pair and which you have!

♡ Love, Mitchie.

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 Hi guys! ♡ How are you?
Today I'm here to show you these candies! 🍬
Last night I dreamt about braids and bows, and this morning I looked like something like Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz (Or a 'princess' or 'doll', like my friends said to me!)
I made this hairstyle just braiding my hair in two classic braids, and closing them with two pretty ribbons 🎀
Aren't they absolutely cute?
Or maybe... bow-tiful!
Here you are some exemples of some celebrities having worn this hairstyle!

•The super famous instagrammer Kylie Jenner in her beautiful rainbow hair!

•Two women, Kim K and Cristina Pedroche!
Leona Lewis that shows how great are braids with shatush!

• And the incredible voice of Ariana Grande, always so cute.

So, braids are the perfect hairstyle, that saves all of us from every emergence.
And what's your favourite way to do them?
Let me know leaving a comment below!

Mitchie Anemos.

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